Friday, February 24, 2012

Thanks polar bear.

We're supposed to be leaving in a couple of hours. However, winds are high and the snow's still falling. We'll soon see if the plane takes off or if we'll be spending another night in Hopedale. 
We had some people over for supper last night and it came to my attention that a polar bear was shot just yesterday -by our neighbour- who currently has the remains at his house. And just last year, around this time, a polar bear wandered into town.
I know we're north but I hadn't fathomed the possibility of encountering one of Canada's predators along the way. It definitely gave me a lot of food for thought. I couldn't help but think about my own vegetarian diet and its intended purpose- creating as little suffering as possible. Yet, I'm relieved to know that the polar bear next store didn't make it to town this year. We are walking, talking paradoxes sometimes; maybe even most of the time.
Instead of getting caught in the quagmire, I'm deciding to connect with something we all experience and share. I'm conscious of visualizing my own suffering and that of others on my inhale, and on my exhale, extending an out-pouring of happiness and health to all sentient beings. The practice of tonglen meditation helps me to be more compassionate and allows me to accept life- paradoxes included.

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