Sunday, February 05, 2012

Accepting as I go, fra la la la la la la

Maybe it's because I missed my mat practice on Thursday or perhaps it was simply 'one of those days'. Either way, I found this past Thursday (and Friday morning) difficult. Thankfully, these days are now rare, largely due to a lot of hard work and dedication to yoga; mind, body and spirit.
I work on accepting my feelings instead of struggling against them (and although living in the moment can be difficult, it's tempered by awareness). Accepting myself the way I am rather than thinking about what I want to be in the future or what I was in the past.  It is, and will probably always be, a work in progress.
I think we all hide from ourselves in varying degrees. We build walls that create an imagined story-line and often allow our 'true self' (the *knowing* or, as my mom would say, the 'gut instinct' about 'right' and 'wrong') to be subordinate to our capital 'I'. We fight to be 'right' instead of work towards authenticity and as a result the beauty of insight; within ourselves and eventually, others.
Acceptance can be both painful and embarrassing. It's also empowering, beautiful and worth every effort.
As we yogis say: 'What we resist, persists'.


  1. This is so true, thank you for this.

  2. You're welcome;I'm glad it resonates! Thank you for sharing your comment :)