Sunday, January 15, 2012

Practice off the mat

We arrived in Labrador yesterday, barely. On one side, the plane was delayed in Halifax; on the other, Goose Bay was in the midst of a storm. And, there we were- somewhere north of middle ground, bags being weighed while simultaneously being told that the impending winds might divert the plane to Deer Lake.

Feeling frustrated, I made a conscious decision to get curious about what was making me so ill at ease. Although my body was still in St. John`s, my mind had my feet firmly planted on the crisp, squeaky, Labrador snow. No matter how many times an old realization becomes new, I`m still grateful in the moment. Was there a moment today where you can recall the separation of mind from body? Are you willing to take a minute to simply be, exactly where you are, and think about it?


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