Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Population: 700

We arrived in Hopedale, Labrador on Monday. I wasn't aware that passenger planes could be that small. Hopefully the photo will give you a sense of its size. I've been equally unaware of just how much our actions can effect our communities. It's easier to feel distant in a bigger city (all being relative) and to think less about more people.

While attempting to exit the airplane in Hopedale my daughter, having just been roused from a deep sleep, refused the necessary winter clothes to go from plane to skidoo in order to reach our new home. I tried for twenty long minutes to dress and/or reason with my child. I was delaying the pilot and the new passengers aboard waiting to leave. In that exact moment,  I realized that everyone wanted me and my two-year old daughter off the plane. I quickly ended my attempts at reasoning with her and got her dressed as quickly as possible. And, away we went- crying toddler and all. I was so grateful that she enjoyed riding on the skidoo.
I realize that if someone has an accident, is reckless or has any other medical emergencies, it impacts me and my family. My husband is the only doctor here so when I see people on skidoos testing the limits of man and machine, I can't help but feel it a little more. And sometimes I even whisper, 'Please be careful.'


  1. I just love you and hope you are having a most wonderful adventure. xx

  2. The feeling is so very mutual. I've been excitedly reading your vegan and veg postings...such great ideas and recipes! Looking forward to reading more and getting my regular dose of your wonderful writing and world perspective in the lounge. xo